With the rising cases of COVID, and the imminent threat imposed by the delta variant, the government has predicted the approach of a 4th COVID wave in Pakistan. With this restriction and fear, the festivities of Eid won’t be the same for everyone. For the new twist in all our lives, here is how to have a perfect meaty Eid whilst staying safe.

  1. Get Vaccinated: Throughout history, vaccinations have helped save millions of lives, and as educated and revived citizens of the society, it is our moral and ethical responsibility to get ourselves and all our loved one’s vaccinated too. If you do not know how to register yourself for the vaccine, read: How to register yourself for the COVID-19 vaccine in Pakistan. 

Urge and help your domestic helpers register for the vaccine so that they may have a safe and happy Eid too. 

  1. Keep the traditions alive: While it may be a difficult and challenging time that has been taking a toll on mental health (Read: Top 5 places to go to when feeling depressed), it is very important to keep traditions alive to stay distracted and engaged even while staying at home. Take out the time to decorate your home with some fairy lights or balloons and do that henna yourself!
  1. Dine in: This Eid many will not be able to celebrate the occasion with their extended families, which also means that many will not be hosting Eid Milan parties or extravagant dinners. Take this opportunity to cook something special for your own immediate family (to order your groceries online, check out some online outlets here). Be smart and dine in! Or order your favorite food online. 
  1. Shop Online: With Eid around the corner, many brands announce Eid sales and Eid deals, you can shop from thereby saving lots of money. However, while you go shopping, be mindful of the massive crowds and switch to online shopping. 
  1. Movie Night: Plan a movie night at home with your family and get together to watch your favorite comedy or thriller to complete your day. Enjoy with a side of your favorite popcorn or ice-cream.
  1. Donate: On this auspicious occasion, donate to a cause that supports your ideas and beliefs and contribute towards bringing about a change in the world with one small act of kindness at a time.
  2. Share: Do not forget the poor and the needy as Eid is all about being empathic and feeling for others. Share your happiness by giving your helpers an extra bonus for Eid or by sending a needy child a new pair of shoes or bangles. Cook something for your neighbors and share Eid treats with them as a token of love and kindness. A mouthwatering BBQ platter or that delicious Kaleji just might be the perfect treat for this meaty Eid. 

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  1. Dress up: Although the festival of Eid is not complete without family get-togethers, dress up anyway and have a mini photo shoot at home. Then share the pictures with family and loved ones to feel more connected.
  1. DIY through it: Perhaps COVID has been a recurring reminder of the phrase ‘old is gold’. Do it the old school way and DIY (do it yourself)  those custom Eid cards and Eidi envelopes for your loved ones to add a personal touch. 
  1. Video call: While it is true that we all have a yearning to see and be with our loved ones on this special occasion, it is rather wise to be mindful of their health along with yours and follow the directed SOPS for the imposed lockdown. Arrange a video conference to connect virtually with your loved ones. Zoom, Google meet, Skype and WhatsApp are amongst the many apps that you can use to call many individuals at once.
  1. Relax: With the hectic work-from-home routines, the Eid break is an excellent opportunity for us all to take out the time for ourselves and relax. Watch that show that you have been meaning to, catch up on your sleep, do a self-care routine or maybe read that book that you were looking forward to.
  1. Host a socially distant BBQ party: Prepare your extravagant BBQ platters and family specials this Eid and share them with your loved ones while arranging a socially distant BBQ party at an open space while following the SOPS (make sure everyone on your guest list is vaccinated and has not been in contact with any active COVID person in the last 6-7 days). 
  1. Have a karaoke night: Sing your heart out with your loved ones at an outdoor karaoke night. You can plan your open space karaoke night on the roof, in the garden or on an open terrace (if the crowd is small and limited).
  1. Bake your heart out: Bake Eid specials like mini treat cupcakes or your favorite cookie recipe and deliver them to your loved ones as an Eid treat. You may use Bykea, Careem Bike, Careem Delivery and Uber Bike to get your deliveries going.
  1. Do not fret: While Eid is an occasion to recall your blessings and be thankful, it is equally important to relax and enjoy the event. Do not burn yourself out while pushing the arrangements and exhausting yourself. Sit back and enjoy the festivities of Eid, even if that means sitting in your pjs and binge watching your favorite show with a side of your favorite snack.

How are you and your loved one celebrating Eid this year?

Let us know in the comments below. EID MUBARAK!

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