top 5 places to go when feeling depressed

Feeling sad or lost at times is a common human reaction to challenging times or loss. However, when this feeling persists for longer periods of time coupled with various other symptoms, it could be an alarming indicator towards depression. Depression in medical terms is a serious mental illness that requires immediate attention; it is quite common in our complex lives and has been on the rise as a spinoff of the rising COVID-19 blues that have taken the world by storm. The persistent stigma regarding various mental illnesses or rather the lack thereof of awareness regarding the sensitive issue has made it increasingly challenging to seek the help that you need. To make things easier for you, we at The Updates have compiled a list of top 5 places to go to when you are depressed and just in case these are the top 5 places for online groceries in Pakistan

Before we jump onto the list of top 5 places to go to when you are feeling depressed, let us take a closer look at some of the symptoms that aid in self-assessment of depression or any other underlying mental condition that needs urgent attention.

  1. Loss of interest in doing everyday tasks or engaging in hobbies that previously intrigued you.
  2. Feeling hopeless and lost about your future.
  3. Feeling tired and having difficulties sleeping (nightmares, insomnia etc. for example).
  4. Experiencing extreme emotions (extremely angry/sad).
  5. Feeling anxious (having difficulty breathing or any other visible signs and symptoms of anxiety).

If you or any of your loved ones have experienced one or any of the emotions that have been persistent for a prolonged period of time (a week or two) without any obvious reasons, you must seek professional help to solve the matter at hand.

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Top 5 places to go when you are feeling depressed.

Umeed e Nau- Institute of Professional Psychology

Umeed e Nau is the clinical setup and services center for Bahira University which is an institute of professional psychology that aims at providing affordable psychiatric care for mental well being that is accessible to all. The institute operates through Monday – Friday with the timings being from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Umeed e Nau is an out-patient set-up (i.e.: they only provide a check-up and further refer to another institute if there is a need to admit the patient). For further information and booking of appointments, you may call at: 021-99205065 and 021-99204889. To visit their Facebook page click here.

ICP- Institute of Clinical Psychology

ICP is once again an out-patient set-up that is also a constituent unit of Karachi University that operates through Monday to Friday and the timings are from 10:00AM-4:00PM. ICP is a government set up and thus the most cost-effective of all the options available. You may write to them at [email protected] or book your appointments by calling (021) 34613584. For further information and updates you make visit their Facebook page or their website.

House of Pebbles

Another out-patient set-up located in PECHS, House of Pebbles has some of the best reviews. There are a total of 24 consultants that you can choose from. The hospital is functional through Monday – Friday between 9:00AM – 5:00PM. You can visit their Facebok page for more information. To book an appointment you may call (021) 37224371 or book an online appointment here or write to them at [email protected]

Institute of Behavioral Psychology

(IBP) Institute of Behavioral Psychology is a psychology based educational center. It is the only Institute of its kind in South Asia that offers educational, therapeutic and psychological services for children, youth and adults under one roof. They are available Monday – Friday between 9:00AM – 5:00PM. They also run a special school for children with special needs. To book an appointment you may contact them at (021) 35841713 or send an email at [email protected] For further details and reviews you may visit their Facebook page or website.

CIC – Center of Inclusive Care

CIC – Center of Inclusive Care is one of the popular and commendable places that offer guidance regarding mental health. Some of the renowned consultants here include Areej Jafarani, Amna Zuberi, and Naimal Niazi. The institute offers their services for both children and adults. It is operational through Monday – Friday 9:00AM – 5:00PM. You may contact them at 021-35296437 for further information or visit their website and Facebook page. You can even contact them through WhatsApp on 0306-2228041or write to them at [email protected]

Karwan e Hayat

Unlike other institutions on our list, Karwan e Hayat provides in-house (where the patient can be admitted when needed) facilities for the patients. It is a registered psychiatric rehab and a center for philanthropy. It is functional through Monday – Friday between 9:00AM – 2:00PM. You may contact them at (021) 111 534 111 or write to them at [email protected] You may also visit their website and Facebook page for further information and reviews.

Please note that the aforementioned places have been recommended by a professional psychologist.

Do you know any other place to go to when you are feeling depressed? Let us know in the comments below!

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