HOW TO secure advertisements for your car in Pakistan
HOW TO secure advertisements for your car in Pakistan

Car advertising is the latest and one of the most innovative ways to earn money in Pakistan. Wrapping your car in stickers and getting paid for it is a great example of how people tend to discover different sources of income when the job market is down. Here is how you can secure advertisements for your car and earn some bucks.

TICKET KATAO is a five year young startup which introduced car advertising in Pakistan. To register, you have to visit their website, fill a form, and wait for their team to contact you. Drive, drive and drive afterwards!

WRAPKAR have not only reinvented outdoor advertising but are also the best paying company out there. You just have to go through these 3 easy steps before you start earning.

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  1. Give them a call or shoot them an email. They will guide you through the process of getting your vehicle on board.
  2. As soon as they have you on board, they will start looking for the best brand to put on your vehicle.
  3. Every kilometer you drive, you make money. You have nothing else to do, just drive!

CARVERTISE aims to fuel your drive! This US based company also operates in Pakistan. All you need to do is download their app on your android device. Get yourself registered on the app for more details and start earning!

Carobari is a transit advertising company headquartered in Karachi which serves markets nationwide. As a new communication channel, they specialize in getting a brand’s message seen in geographies of interest through the means of car wrap advertising. The drivers get paid, depending on the number of kilometers driven and the area where the car is driven. It could be anywhere between PKR 10,000 and PKR25,000.

Sign World Communications is a Karachi and Lahore-based advertising agency. Whether you are looking for help with a particular project or need the assistance for marketing, this company is here to help you out. They not only deal in car advertising but also handle projects for other types of advertisements e.g. mega hoardings.

For people residing outside Pakistan, Carvertise, Car Quids and 3 DOM Wraps are some other companies which pay you good for advertising through your car.

You can earn a maximum of around PKR25,000 from any of these companies, depending on what car you have, how many kilometers you drive per day and how densely populated is the area you drive in. Most advertisement campaigns last for three months after which the posters on your car may be replaced.

Although car advertising in not very trending in Pakistan nowadays, it is the next big thing in the market for sure.

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