Countries that offer easy Pakistani citizenships

There may be many reasons as to why you’re reading this article, one of them being that you yourself are interested in applying for immigration. To help you choose the best country, here is a list of countries that offer easy Pakistani citizenship

  1. Canada

The country itself follows a naturalization process that allows you to apply for the citizenship of the country after you have been staying there for 5 years or more. Many people choose Canada for immigration as it has an excellent job market with multitudinous opportunities for business startups. As per the statistics, there were up to 1.5 lakh Pakistanis living there.

  1. Norway

The fjords, mountains and the northern lights make Norway renowned around the world. Norway is one of the few countries that have a high standard of living with a great economy and thus a lot of job opportunities as well. Norway Immigration is one of the easiest countries for Pakistanis to migrate to and there are currently over 35,000 Pakistanis residing there.

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  1. Turkey

Turkey is known be a transcontinental country and is also known for offering a fast processing track towards turkey citizenship. The naturalization period is of 5 years and a person is only allowed to leave the country for a maximum of 180 days. If this period is exceeded, the 5 years are started all over again. The benefits to acquiring Turkish citizenship include a better lifestyle, better job opportunities, access to advanced and free education and much more.

  1. Saudi Arabia

The easiest on the list, Saudi citizenship is the most facile for Pakistanis. The visa process is different and requires a Kafeel to aid the process. Kafeel is the person who helps you attain the visa from within Saudi Arabia and acts as your insurance. Saudi Arabia is mostly preferred by many Pakistanis mainly because it remains a prominent country for Muslims all around the world. 

  1. United States of America

Despite the lingering controversy and impulsive criticism faced by the country, USA still remains to be one of the most popular countries that many Pakistanis opt to migrate to. The naturalization process to obtain United States of America Citizenship includes a stay of 5 years. There are currently over 363,000 Pakistanis residing in this country contrary to the popular belief. There are many opportunities for a better lifestyle and to earn bread and butter like no other country.

  1. Belgium

Belgium is amongst the few countries that allow dual nationality and thus, even after attaining Belgian Citizenship, you would not have to renounce your Pakistani nationality. Thus, it has a substantial amount of Pakistanis residing there. 

  1. The Netherlands

The naturalization process is 5 years and requires you to be 18 years or older. The applicant must be living with a valid residence permit while applying for Netherlands citizenship.

  1. Argentina

Famous for its football team and the natural wonders, Argentina is one of the popular countries in South America people choose to migrate to. The naturalization process for Argentina Citizenship requires the applicant to have stayed in Argentina for 2 years. For permanent settlement, the guaranteed monthly income that needs to be displayed is just $825.

  1. Brazil

Yet another country from South America, Brazil is famous for its diversity; be it in the landscape or the people itself. The quickest ways to obtain residency in Brazil involves being a high-level researcher or scientist, showing proof of a fixed monetary income, or investing a significant amount of money into the country. Those who invest a minimum of R$450,000 (about $126,000) into a Brazilian company or real estate will get a fast track to residency and Brazil citizenship. The naturalization process is 15 years; however that can be reduced to 4 years if you know Portuguese. 

  1. Panama

Panama has the most lenient immigration laws. If you want to obtain Panamanian citizenship, you will have to live as a resident in the country for five years to fulfill the naturalization process before you can apply. Panama does not allow dual citizenship and hence you will have to renounce your citizenship from your home country.

Which country do you want to apply for a citizenship?

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