Top 10 business ideas in Pakistan

In today’s world, where inflation has sky rocketed, developing countries like Pakistan cannot do anything but see their economies collapse. Households find it difficult to get by with one income and with the recent increase in the rate of unemployment due to the pandemic the stress to make ends meet is even higher. How to secure car advertisements in Pakistan

Here are the ‘Top 10 Business Ideas in Pakistan and Top 10 Online Business Ideas’

Top 10 Business Ideas in Pakistan


With a one-time investment of no more than Rs100,000, all you need is some free online training and plenty of practice to get started. Ranging from personal photo shoots, birthday parties, business meeting and marriages, is there any event out there happening without a photographer?

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Makeup Artist

Another talent based, negligible investment business. All you need to know is how to perfect the art of makeup. Market yourself on social media, preferably Instagram. Grabbing initial clients will be a challenge, however once the rapport has been set up, just wait for the money to roll in during wedding season. You can also take the advantage of having a fully integrated booking system to help maintain your customers and send out reminders.


If you’re a student and good at studies and have a command over a few subjects, why not teach your juniors and make a living out of it. People on Question Updates are constantly asking for a home based teacher for different subjects, from teaching Quran to Math for specific grades, all you need is ZOOM or SKYPE and you’re good to go.

Event Management

People are too occupied nowadays to plan and host events all by themselves, they need a hand to help them arrange things and that’s when your time to go out, launch your event management company, and shine arrives.

Online Store

Online shopping has become the new normal after the outbreak of COVID-19. People will prefer online shopping over physical shopping any day. Why not buy some clothes at wholesale prices in bulk and sell them online at retail prices? No hassle and all you have to look after is the customer’s satisfaction. Some of the hidden charges could include the monthly subscription for your website depending on which platform you use so consider this when doing your expenses.

Service Provider

In cities like Lahore and Karachi, finding trustworthy people to work at your home is not an easy job. The demand for domestic workers and drivers is almost never-ending. Get your company registered and help the employer find an employee and vice versa.

Maintenance and Construction

This is probably the best business with zero investment and highest profit return. All it takes is hard work and time. All you need to do is build up your team, hire labourers on daily wages, and line up some vendors who can provide you with building materials. Time to find some client and get the grey structure ready in three months!


You can do this if you have some investment, no hurry for profits, and some free space to yourself. Buy a bunch of bulls or goats during Ramadhan. Look after them for a couple of months and sell them on Eid-ul-Adha as sacrificial animals. This gives you good profit and is already being practiced on a very large scale throughout the country.

Whatever business you plan to take up, always remember a couple of things. You get what you work for not what you wish for. Sky is the limit!

Top 10 Online Business Ideas

The pandemic has forced humanity to reshape their lives. Not only personal lives but businesses and social interactions also need to be restructured. This brings us to online businesses instead of physical ones. Second COVID-19 Wave in Pakistan discusses the pros and cons of e-commerce. You may want to have a look at Top 10 Business Ideas in Pakistan before jumping onto this very specific online version of it, which requires small to no investment.


People, in this modern age, often tend to get their work done by hiring someone temporarily for their service and time instead of making them work on a permanent basis. This introduces the most widely known concept of freelancing. From academic to scientific writing and data entry, you can earn really well in whatever field you specialize in. Consider Fiverr for starters and then work your way up to Freelancer, Upwork and the likes. Remember having a NICHE is key here.

Social Media Managing

This is probably the easiest, permanent online job. All you need to invest is some time and be a bit proficient in content writing for you may have to think of a caption on your toes. You do need experience with Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook page or whichever social media channel you’re trying to sell your services in.


If you are a creative minded person and love to create new content, this is exactly your field to conquer. You can upload videos of anything you think you’re good at and will be able to attract some viewers. It can be vlogs or short films or teaching; anything you like!

Want to have a fan following and earn some cash as well? Well nothing is easier than making a YouTube account and start vlogging. Put up eye catching content and see your followers increase from a few hundred to up to hundred thousands! Yes, it takes time but it surely is worth it.

To get into the YouTube Partner Programme, i.e to start earning from youtube, your channel needs to have 4,000 public watch hours from the last 12 months, and 1,000 subscribers. Your channel will also get reviewed to make sure that it follows YouTube monetisation policies.

Homemade Food

Love cooking? Why not earn from it! Get registered on applications like foodpanda and spread the word in your locality. Make sure you provide the promised quality to retain customer loyalty. If you love cooking, this is the time to change it from a passion to a profession. Students living in hostels away from their homes or someone running a general store in your town; everyone would prefer homemade food over off-the-shelf options any day. People have opened more home based eatery during Covid and with a simple facebook page to market your services, its the best way forward.

Online Teaching

You can always teach what you’re good at in your free time. Teaching lower grades is always ideal. Find some young ones online and become a part of the most respected profession in any society.

Affiliate Marketing

It is a performance-based marketing in which a business pays a person for each visitor or customer brought by his/her own marketing efforts. This is very trending nowadays and can earn you some good bucks depending on how you can convince someone to buy their products.

Online Trading

Trading is always a gamble. Importing cheaper stuff online and later selling it on websites like OLX and Daraz is very common nowadays. You can always make your own website or online brand by putting in some more effort.

Website/App Development

If you’re a Computer Studies related person, you probably have the most opportunities to earn in today’s world. More people shifting to online businesses means more demand for application and website development so find your potential customers and start earning. If you or someone you know needs to start their own business online and need a website than visit The Speed Train


Keeping the recent controversies aside, TikTok is no doubt a great platform for people who love acting and want to pursue a career in it. Small steps are the best to begin with so signup on TikTok right now and impress the audience with your acting skills.

Online Consultant

Any new online business won’t hesitate hiring a consultant to help their new business grow. So if you already own a successful online business, pass on the tricks and earn some good bucks. Visit The Speed Train to get a free consultation and a feel of how professionals are doing this.

Hope you’ve found what suits you the most. Best of luck for your new journey!

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Humayoun Mussawar

Nice article on business ideas in Pakistan. Publish your website and go live! You will need an office, a mobile number, a business email address, a person to run the website, and one to handle the calls.