documents to take for cnic renewal

Save yourself the time and go through this list of essential documents required by NADRA

Going to the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) can be a task, especially if you are not carrying all the relevant documents.

The officials at NADRA can make you visit the office quite a few times if you’re not carrying all the required documents to either make a new Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or to renew it.

It is therefore better to be prepared just like one of our members in the group Question Updates, who recently inquired about the list of documents one should take to NADRA when getting their CNIC renewed.

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Here is a list of all the documents you are required to carry with you:

For NIC Renewal:

Expired CNIC

If you are only getting your CNIC renewed without any update to any of the previously entered details, then all you need is your original expired CNIC.

However, you may also have to request a blood relative to tag along for verification purposes.

For CNIC Modification:

Nikkahnama / marriage certificate / affidavit

For change in marital status it is important to take the original copy of your nikkahnama or marriage certificate and the CNIC of your spouse, if available.

On the other hand, in case of the death of a spouse or a divorce, relevant documents pertaining to the status – such as death or divorce certificate – should be at hand.

Utility Bills

In case of modification in permanent or temporary address, it is important to carry a document that displays the same name and address you want to be stated in your CNIC.

These documents include computerized utility bills, such as gas, electricity or water.

For a new CNIC:

If you or your child just turned 18 and are now eligible for a CNIC then according to NADRA’s official website you will require the following documents: CNIC of a parent or blood relative and their physical presence for biometric verification.

However, if your parent or blood relative isn’t present then you will need their CNIC, your academic documents (matriculation certificate or intermediate marksheet) or your passport and an attested CNICF (CNIC-Form).

It is also important to note that in case for CNIC renewal, you can avoid going to the NADRA office altogether by simply applying online. The card will be delivered to your home address within a month for a minimal fee that has to be paid online via NADRA’s official website.

Online renewal is the best option, keeping in mind the increase in coronavirus cases in Pakistan at the moment.  

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